Tuesday, April 1

Top 5 Things a Cat Might Say

1. "Meowzas!"
2. "Go litter your own box!"
3. "That dude needs to lay off the 'nip."
4. "She's more annoying than a hairball in your throat."
5. "It is time to rise up and crush the humans and their canine friends."

allie is moving to kelowna and we're getting an apartment together and we're going to get a cat. nothing really to do with your post (other than general topic), i'm just excited and wanted to say it. it seemed like an opening...
Hooray! That's awesome! I hope that there is no revolutionary blood in your cat whatsoever.
all cats seem to have one thing in common - 'let's sneak up on Jo and make her scream!' I know you all love cats, but I have nightmares about them
josephine, you will love our cat(s). we will train them to attack only red head... so you should be safe. NewGirl beware.
red heads... with an S...
I don't love cats Jo. When i was little, some kids told me that if i pet their kittens, the kitten's mom would get mad and pounce on me and scratch my eyes out. i am still traumatized by the thought of it...
Whoa, Allie... I know where YOU live and eat and sleep. You're only two doors down. Watch your back.
Can I just say that the only reason I made this list was because I could just imagine a cat saying "Meowzas!" The rest was just filler.
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