Tuesday, April 1

Top 5 Solid Facts I Have Discovered In My Young Life

1) The quickest way to a man's heart is through his rib cage.
2) The Little Mermaid Is The Best Movie Ever. (Beauty and the Beast comes second. Then Little Miss Sunshine.)
3) Childhoods are endangered.
4) A head massage is the cure to almost all of life's stressful moments.
5) I have never been so loved by anyone as I am by Jesus. I don't get it.

I laughed out loud at 1. Not cause I'm bitter, but just cause I love it. And childhoods ARE endangered.
i was slightly disturbed by the change in font colour. i got over it. kinda.
unfortunately, i would have to agree with melissa. didn't we try to change the font/color style of this blog once? or that may have been legoland. either way, it didn't go over well.

but on another note, i would have to agree with #2 - except i would reverse the order of the 2 Disney faves.
Oops. I should know better than to shake things up so soon. I'm still the New Girl. Sorry folks.
You're all too stuck in your ways! We need change! Don't fear the new! RevoluciĆ³n!
It's not just because you're the new girl. I vividly remember us trying this before... doesn't anyone else? It might have even been pink that was tried... no? Somebody? Nobody?
A few times I changed the entire format of the blog - it was pretty pink. Then my settings privileges were taken away. It was sad. I then learned not to mess with my creative, yet set in their ways blog-mates
Well, I definitely wasn't going to change the whole blog format. I will just stick to messin' around with me own posts! Or does that still create a fair amount of dischord?
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