Wednesday, April 30

Top 5 Reasons I Fully Expect Dan (and Slynn) to be Talking in British Accents this Weekend

1. Dan picks up accents, and he can't put them down.
2. Slynn was really charmed by the Brighton atmosphere, I imagine it got in to her brain. The speech center of her brain.
3. They'll want to recount for everyone the details of their adventure, which includes the nature of the people they met over there, which includes their accents.
4. Did I mention that Dan has a hard time getting rid of accents? One time in college we talked in fake British accents for a whole weekend retreat. It was fantastic, but then Dan kept talking with his accent for the rest of the week. It was funny, because he couldn't stop. Monte got mad.
5. There are certain uniquely British words that can't be said without an accent. For example, "Brilliant," or "Top of the Pops." Dan loves Top of the Pops. All his favourite bands on one TV show.

You know, now that you mention it, I have this really random memory of Dan in the cafeteria pretending to be British. I think I suspected the onset of a stroke. Glad to know I was wrong!
You know, now that you mention it, you were the one speaking in a British accent this weekend, Dan. Oh ha ha ha.
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