Saturday, April 5

Top 5 reasons I can't get away from God, even when I try.

1.  His laws.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot see flaws.  If we follow them perfectly, we will never hurt each other or be hurt by each other
2. I fell in love with Jesus when I was 6.  I really did.  Its like I'm married to him.
3.  My mother and Donkers.  They pray alot, especially when they see danger brewing.
4. My friends who don't know him.  The more I see what life is like without God, the more I realize how simple our lives really are with him.
5. His men.  I've been  (understandably) reflecting on the men I know.  The best ones follow him.  I'm really thankful for you guys.

Brilliant stopfive entry.
Wow HA! That's a really sweet compliment. I'm glad I can help you not get away from God :) He's really good eh?
This could be my list. Spot on. Except for 5, which should read "His women."
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