Saturday, April 19

Top 5 Moments in Dublin - by Rivers and Sara-Lynn

Interesting fact: The Guinness factory produces 3 million pints per day. Inject equal amounts of sarcasm for this post.
1. 15 minutes into our trip, U2 starts playing.

2. Thai restaurant waitress rolls her eyes and looks at her watch while taking our order. Then proceeds to tell us that we're not ordering enough food before we're even finished ordering.

3. You have to pay 6 Euros to enter the church.

4. Following Bryan's advice we order 3 whiskey hot toddies, only to discover that hot toddies are drinks for Irish fishermen after fighting gigantic squalls on the open sea. Seriously, hot water, plus whiskey, plus lemon = cough syrup!

5. =With a bullet= We had reservations at the Ballymun Plaza Hotel. This was our first day in Dublin after waking up at 3:30am to get there! We arrive at the Ballymun only to discover a picket line of disgruntled employees and a sign on the locked front door saying "The Ballymun is closed until further notice!" We ended up waiting in the lobby of the hotel for 3 and a half hours while beefy Irish security guards patrolled the empty hotel. In the end we were provided with fantastic accommodation at the Carlton Hotel. But seriously!!!! Come on!!!! How does a hotel manager wake up one morning and decide, "boy this is a great day to close the hotel" and then kick out all it's employees, guests and not honor any reservations coming in that day!!!!!

Seriously though, other than that, DUBLIN is fanfriggintastic! (Daniel's opinion)
Well, it's pretty sweet (in Sara-Lynn's opinion)

U2 started playing 15 minutes into your trip? then did they play constantly for the rest of it? following you around, providing a soundtrack to your adventures in Dublin?

'cause that'd be kinda neat...
I kind of hope Dan got to hear some Corr's.
Dublin would leave me breathless.
wow... where are you going next
we're back in Brighton now. well i am. dan is almost back in Seattle - in about 6 hours that is.
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