Thursday, April 3

Top 5 Font Colours & Styles

1. Pinkish Red (in Bold)
2. Green (in Italics)
3. Blue (Plain)
4. Redish Orange (in Bold Italics)
5. Unreadable Yellow (in Small)

Stick it to the Moey! Vive la Révolution!

i don't think i'm 'the man', and not even a man ... i just prefer to read black. judge me if you will.
Haha. So what you're telling me is, yellow is the new black?
what she's saying is that, the stewart is the new idiot!


Dan, what happened to you man? You've gotten so cold. You know a new Stopfive attack is coming your way. And it's going to hurt. Yeah. Bam. Dahn, out.
Oh, snap!
I've gotten cold? I ended my comment with "love, Daniel."

That's not cold!!!!!
He's right. That is clearly not cold.

And black is a classic. There is not need to replace it. Maybe some of us are less susceptible to fleeting fancies. Black is the new black.
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