Saturday, April 12

Top 5 Events of this Amazingly Sunny Day

1. Tara got a super hot haircut. It's called the rockstar mullet. It looks much better than it sounds. Trust me.
2. A walk to the Old Clayburn store to purchase candy, including the upstart newcomers (in my world), cola rola balls. These candies are making a strong bid to be on my top 5 candies list.
3. A crazy adventure walk back. We got lost, but found our way. I always find my way. It ended up being about a 2 hour walk altogether. But it was sunny and fantastic outside.
4. A trip to Walmart to purchase 3 white T-shirts for $12. That's how I know it's summer time.
5. Watching a movie in our wonderfully cool basement suite.

I know it's summer time when I have to shower after playing catch with a football.
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