Wednesday, April 9

Top 5 Embarrassing Moments of My Life

1) As a secretary to a chaplain in South Africa, I was responsible for compiling a weekly updated list of leaders and Bible study attendees. Next to the name of a fellow friend and leader, I wrote "(HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)" and forgot to delete it as I saved the changes. The next day I made over twenty copies and handed it out to everyone at the leaders' meeting, during which said "architecturally-sound" boy was present.

2) Breaking a men's urinal while trying to fix it, and baptizing both myself and my supervisor in urinal water.

3) Surfacing topless in front of everyone in my youth group after being overturned in a tube on the lake. I didn't even notice right away. Frickity frick mcfricker.

4) Having to explain to the bewildered and perturbed firemen that the reason I'd ripped the fire extinguisher out of the wall to put out my burning kitchen was because I hadn't known how to unclasp it from the wall.

5) Tonight - pretending to be gangsta and mimicking the loading and firing of a shotgun using my hockey stick, and accidentally smacking myself in the face with my "fake" recoil.


i just got to work and am reading this. i laughed out loud. more than once. great way to start the day.

i feel your embarrassment, but still find it hilarious.
I just had chocolate and coffee for breakfast. And now I've read this. This is going to be a good day. Ps. nice on the "architecturally sound" bit. I like that its catching.
I've never met a girl who knew what recoil is...I am impressed...
its funny because i can picture all these things happening to you. mainly because i know what you look like and how expressive your face can be... great visuals... except maybe #3, i have no great desire to visualize that.....
geoff, you have met girls who know what recoil is before. you can still be impressed, i'm just saying...
Man, oh man. Oh man. You intrigue me more and more....
Seriously Geoff, we're from northern BC. I take it as a naive compliment on your part to believe we wouldn't know what recoil is.
Bahaha! Allie...

Well I think you'll all be a lot less impressed with me when I tell you that I've never actually used a firearm. City girl, all the way. In fact, I once caught my brother shooting pigeons off the telephone wires with his pellet gun... from our 4th floor balcony... I shrieked. And flailed. And pretty much beat him senseless with my own two fists. Ok so obviously he was senseless to begin with, but the beating on him with my fists was accurate.
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