Wednesday, April 16

Top 5 Eerily Appropriate Lyrics

1. “Black or white.” (Michael Jackson)
2. “I’m a bitch.” (Meredith Brooks)
3. “Fly away.” (John Denver)
4. “I'm so white n' nerdy.” (Weird Al)
5. “Nobody loves me.” (Anne Murray)

Bonus: "Too much of something is bad." (Spice Girls)

(With most profound and loving thanks to G-off for his creative input. If I could write a song for you, it would be called, "With Most Profound and Loving Thanks To You".)

Originally Maredith Brooks was going to call her song "I'm a very upset, menstral, inappropriate, life hating, cow." or "Woman" it just didn't work out!
gee geoff, it sounds as though you're implying that women are upset, menstrual, inappropriate, life hating cows. I'm sure this must not be the case though.
a rare miss, geoff. how disappointing. usually i find you funny.
Oh! Snap!
Miss?? Not the Case?? I think I proved my point...
Geoff, you are the greatest.
i hate you geoff, i wish you were never born

- mom
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