Sunday, April 20

Top 5 Building Projects set to Start on May 1st

1. The Garden - this is such a tough thing, simple in idea, but there is just so much that goes into gardening. I want to create a "paradise garden," where there is a winding waterway, throughout the area with a huge amount of variety, and careful planning to mimic nature, in hopes of utilizing the sun and structures well. Kinda a big task. We have some plants started, and maybe it will just work out. Who the heck knows. Best Book I have read lately though (food not Lawns), gave me an upper hand.
2. The Outdoor Shower - Originally I just wanted to buy one of those camping bags that you can hang in the sun. Now in hopes of using water better we are going to set up a rain catchment system with the gutters (I think) and a barrel and maybe old garden hose(?). We are gonna build a platform, so you are standing on mud. etc. Every time there is a new thought though it adds to the project. Currently I am working on privacy issues. I think we are going to go with a living enclosure of bamboo (it will grow fast, wont mold, and will kinda look pretty). Drainage is another issue, So I was thinking we could move this gray-water around the yard to water plants... definitely will be the plan, but I dont know how to divert water yet.
3. A kitchen Counter. Our kitchen will house our washer and dryer, so we are planning to build a counter over it with drawers or a curtain that will contain the w/d. I think this will be super simple. But yeah... it might be hard, cause of my cockiness.
4. Inset bed in guest room. its a small space that we think we could build into the walls around it, to create a big shelf, with drawers for a mattress to sit on. Again, sounds simple... but will it happen?
5. The Van Cabinetry... still ongoing, but ongoing nonetheless. I ordered parts for the first time on thursday. Gas Filler Elbow, and Drivers side mirror. WHo thinks I can install them?

anyway... anyone want to help?

oh oh oh.. i can help! well i could give an afternoon worth of help if you wanted it. I am going to be Island side starting saturday... then for approx 1 whole week of sleeping in glory.
alie... you will be early... but wow, Saturday eh. I like to go garage Saling on Saturday morning. You want to come?
though, if your week heads into may, you could come sleep in Salt Spring, we could put up a hammock for you.
I thinks you can do it. Eventually.
oh you are moving to saltspring? hmmmm i loves it there... i have some family there but havnt been there in ages..
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