Monday, April 14

Top 5 Boring Things

1. A slightly overcast day
2. White rice
3. Crap on the side of the road
4.  A dump truck 
5. Grass growing by the sidewalk

If you aren't funny, you don't have my attention thestewart

Well, it's probably for the best that we don't hang out then. In real life I am probably the most boring and unfunny person alive.

I mean, you just described a perfect date to me.
You know what's boring! YOU!

Overcast days...okay that is
boring, unless a plane were to plummet through them crash into the ground and explode in a firy wreck.

Seriously white rice boring...mmmm sooo tasty

Crap on the road isn't boring its sad and gross...(are you referring to crap as in feces or crap as in garbage) either way sad and gross

A dump truck, SERIOUSLY so cool,they're big they're loud and they can carry tonnes of stuff...that's impressive! Except when rocks fall off of them and hit my windshield mother expletive expletive

Grass growing on the sidewalk just shows me that the earth is always going to win...just give up!

Kyle is really not that funny in person...he spends weeks watching comedy and reading other people with and humor in preparation for one post...
Top 5 Boring Things about Stop 5:
1. holly
2. holly
3. holly
4. holly
and 5... you guessed it!

Take that...
Don't be mean, whoever you are.

holly is clearly hilarious.
Wow. I can't believe Matt Hawkins just burned Holly-Anne. Where did that come from?

I believe the french would say, "Tu es served."
"Boy, that escalated quickly...I mean, that really got out of hand fast."
Matt!! How are you? Dude, I totally didn't expect to run into you here. its nice to see your crazy face. And Melissa, thanks for the protection. Except that matt is actually funnier than me in real life, so I'll have to bow to that.

And Stewart, a date with you would make the white rice, grass, crap, dumptruck and cloudy day worthwhile.
I take great pleasure in numbers 1, 2 and 5.

Boredom is a choice!!
I said that to someone recently... was that you, Kyle?
It was as deep a philosophy then as it is now.
Holly, you are the funniest in real life. Other than me, I mean. I don't know this "Hawkins", but I feel totally confident saying that you are funnier.
you must not know this "hawkins" because surely i would make you laugh and A LOT!
i mean, i live in chilliwack, that name alone brings more than enough laughs!

i have been hiding in the shadows of stop 5 for some time now and thoroughly enjoying it... the shadows, sometimes the top 5...

i must say it's enjoyable watching the wit, i just couldn't resist on this such post.
anyways, i promise to contribute though not on your blogspot, but a contribution none the less.

p.s. i met kyle for the first time the other day. it wasn't THAT boring, we did meet at 7 oaks mall and that's nothing against the stewart
Top 5 Reasons I Should Be Let On The StopFive Team:
5. I'm new blood. StopFive is undergoing a wonderful renaissance right now, but all renaissances (like the European one of the 12th century and the subsequent European renaissance of the 14th-17th centuries) come to an end without a healthy infusion of new blood. I am the upstart draft pick that is the missing piece in the cup run.
4. I've done my homework. Over the past little while I've read all the backlogged StopFives. As I read, I came to realize that my life purpose is to become a StopFive blogger. Do not deny me this dream.
3. K-Pasa (a.k.a. PlumbScum). I was the captain of K-Pasa's hockey team. A wise man once said: "A pupil should never be allowed to do more than his or her captain." That was man was me. And I was right.
2. I studied under the tutelage of O'Donker. This academic background combined with my natural ability makes me a cocky, yet highly entertaining, StopFive blogger.
1. = With a bullet = If I am not brought on to the StopFive team, I will unleash my rage by creating rival blogs. I will create StopFour Records for those who want to get to the point quicker, and StopSix Records for those that want a more in-depth look. These two blogs will bring unbearable competition to StopFive Records with results that...well...let's not think about it unless we have to.
you should be quicker than words.
i have snagged up stopfour from under your feet!
stopsix is sadly taken.

though i think trying to illicit yourself through shameless plugs in comments is rather revolting, especially to try and get yourself as part of the stop5 team and i'm not even on the stop5 team

by the way, i think you should all come visit my new site: - CHECK IT OUT TODAY!
Finneas is simply following a fine tradition of audition via comments. Now I'm off to check out your site Mr. Hawkins. Will I see you at HM this year?
i will be there
i hear dan and dan will be too.
Many have tried a resistance to Stop Five and all have failed...make your little blog "Finneas" make away...
Matt! Oh I am so fond of Matt. I vote for him!! Let's not make him desperate...
He was a good hockey captain.
Wait! You called me Plumbscum!! Ooooh.... you ought to know better. I'd say this warrants a good punch in the face tomorrow.
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