Sunday, April 20

Top 5 Adventures of Dan, Kyle and Joshua on a Saturday night.

1. It all began with the search of some good old man vs. man conflict. The ultimate in literary conflicts. In this case it was the UFC. We went everywhere, from the fort pub, to the Shark Club and glanced at Cabby's Country Cabaret (Kyle was the deciding vote to not enter the establishment.) We eventually watched the beginning of St. Pierre versus Serra outside of the Baseline Pub with a couple of guys to young to enter the pub. It was a little weird.

2. "Are you guys old enough to be here? Do you have any ID?" Asked as we entered the pub.
" Ha! You guys are too young to be in there." Yelled as we exit the pub.
"I have to go home and return the car to mom." Dan's brilliant rebuttal.

3. Mustachioed females can be very cute. I also may have dodged a bullet here. She was cute, was wearing a fake mustache, and was intriguing. She might have also been 17. We had stopped for coffee and really only saw her in passing, so it is hard to say for sure. I think she was at least 20, Kyle and Dan say otherwise. I'm right until proven wrong.

4. "You guys want to buy some steak?" Asked the man walking around with a mop and bucket, and presumably a bag full of steaks. Or he was selling stakes, to combat the nasty vampire infestation in Langley. Either way he was still carrying around a mop and bucket.

5. Maybe you should put some clothes on before you undress in front of the window. Dan was oblivious, but Kyle and I looked up at the same time. It was strictly back, but it was definite undressing. You should really double check that your blinds are closed before you start stripping in front of a window. It's just common sense.

Honorable Mention: The super on the ball waitress at BP's. Man was she a good server; the Homeless Jesus guy. He loves God, because without God he would be crazy, though he might have had a small case of the crazies; Dan running into random highschool people he hadn't seen in years; Guy looking like he was ready to rob a corner store; Using the DQ can, but not buying any product.

All in all, it was a fun night.

Kyle did come home pretty tuckered out Mr.Otto...could you please have him phone me if he's going to be out late, God knows he forgets, and well you are the responsible one. Golly gee I was worried sick.
I forget who was also there... but me and Laura hooper (I think Dan and sara lynn were there), saw a bride debridalgowning.

I dont have enough undressing moments to make the list, that is my only one... but perhaps we can work together to create one rather awesomely creepy list.
I can contribute the story about the time this older (as in 50+) couple started swimming naked in this river that our 10-12 year old boy campers were swimming in. Creepy to the max!
You guys should've hit up The Blarney Stone. Live Irish music! Does it get much better??

Unless you're Slynn and Dan, who are actually IN Ireland, the buggers... (I'm not writhing in envy, nooo....)
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