Thursday, March 27

Top Five Ways to Procrastinate When You Have a Ridiculous Amount of Work to Do

1) Facebook creeping. Facebook does to Time what Ghengis Khan did to the Jin Dynasty.
2) Do meaningless and trivial chores, like taking out the garbage. Or wiping down your desk from dust and mug rings.
3) Download all the missing album artwork for your new iPod nano. When there is none to be found, you google around for other random pictures until you find a suitable substitution.
4) Crank your best dance music and just let loose. Unless you have a roommate who is entertaining an out-of-town guest. Then you wait til they leave the room and have a back up explanation at hand when they return to find you out of breath and clutching your hairbrush.
5) Think of lists of five. And blog them into cyberspace. The act of typing and organizing one's thoughts gives one the appearance and feeling of being productive.

Thanks, guys. I'm honoured to be here, enriching your lives with my avoidance issues. It means a lot to me. You won't regret this.

Heehee, Ghengis Khan!

Welcome to Stopfive. That was fast!
I think I can speak for everyone when I say to Number 4, we've all been there.

Also, I think we've all been enriched by the mere mention of Ghengis Khan. He's an enriching fellow.
I'm not sure I know you at all, but great kick-off. Excellent.
Thanks. My name is Kelsey, really. Nice to "meet" you!
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