Sunday, March 30

Top 5 thingys

1. The thingy on the end of my shoe laces
2. The thingy in the cupboard, next to that spice
3. The round purple thingy
4. the thingy that whatsherface uses for the thing
5. the thingy next to the whatchimacallit.

It's all on the tip of my tongue...

I think you could use a lot of girl + movie + chocolate + dacquiri time. Perhaps we were friends in another life? We should reconnect and talk about evil boys. And have a party that incorporates all of the above.

It is sad you live in PG.
I agree new girl - I could use all of those things. We might have been friends in another life. Do you have any memories of a petting zoo and scaring small children?

It is sad that I live in PG
I wish I'd invented that thingy on the end of your shoelaces.
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