Saturday, March 29

Top 5 Things That Should be Done

1. We should have a reunion of some sort this summer. Dan, Rob and I had one a few weeks back, but we should all get together. Actually the last time a majority of us were together was probably back in the dahlstrom manor days. It's been way to long.
2. Hang out with Kyle. Maybe downtown vancouver on a saturday or something like that.
3. Invite the new girl to the reunion and only refer to her as new girl (thank you for that precedent Holly).
4. Start writing music. I've been playing bass for Joel Reimer (, but I should get off my duff and write and begin playing my own stuff. However, joel is awesome and I love playing for him.
5. Play floor hockey.

i think you're right Otto. it's clearly been too long since we hung out. a reunion is in order. i have a big-ish birthday this summer...maybe we can work with that (look at how selfish i am!)

and yes. welcome new girl.
Selfishness be damned! I agree! Let the planning committee begin planning. I leave it to the committee to decide who is actually on the committee. Also, New Girl? Brilliant! It reminds me of the recording I did with CLA. We had this keyboard player who we called new girl all the time. In fact, we call her that to this day!
Some of us may be in the Abby/Langley/Van area around the time of Melissa's birthday for Geoff's wedding. Maybe we can work around that too (if you're not left for your trip yet Moey). Otherwise, our house in Kelowna is always open for the annual berry party (that I think only happened actually once)
I agree with everything that has been said. Everything. All of it. Even if that makes no sense. I'm totally on board.

Josh, why haven't we hung out yet?! That's mostly rhetorical because it's my fault. But I feel better asking it out loud.

Let's do something. I'm in Ladner/Tsawwassen. Contact me. Via mail/courier/phone/telepathy (actually, no, better not, I probably won't get it).
i work at purolator, i can guarantee you get it.

Well, I really meant the telepathy, but if we can make plans through courier, I would be very impressed.

We could start a revolution. Goodbye Facebook, Hello Purolator! (or FedEx/UPS -- just like Facebook/MySpace/hi5/Virb/etc. It's semi-brilliant!)
Question: is Josh and Otto the same person?

Hey, I'm okay with being called New Girl. And I'm TOTALLY up for a summer party with a bunch of people I've never met. Right on. I'm stoked.

My people will get in touch with your people.
My name is Joshua Otto. I'm kind of a big deal.
He's right. He is a big deal.
When is Geoff's Wedding? I may happen to be in Abbotsford then too!
I was told it was June 21st. But I could be wrong...
Actually, no. When does that ever happen? (hehe)
i would also like to get in on this reunion business... i may never post here... but i still belong!!!!
allie... for sure you belong.

I would love to come or host the party. Zoe and I will be moving into our own house on Salt Spring in a month. Maybe there>>> :)

hehe, Even if we do have a reunion aside from Moey's B-day, we should have a big party for her. I think its great that she wants one.
A party on Salt Spring would be great! It would be close (though not quite the same) to our "vacation" on Mayne Island. Those were fun times... dreary, but fun. Except for the unexpected visit to the hospital. Almost forgot about that. That part sucked.
In a wierd way I liked the hospital part. In memory I am fond of it. They paramedic was awesome. And Rob was very calm, in what must have been a scary time.
What the heck?! Stor-y! Stor-y! Stor-y!
Allie's story telling was also a great part of that trip, as was the magnificent building of the fort and the burnt deer? ...I know I'm not an official stop-fiver or a westerner, but I would love to be part of this reunion of sorts. That said, I will have to be there in spirit as the other side of the country seems very far right now... I'll allow someone else to tell the stor-y of the hospital run as I wasn't there at that exact moment -
I'm going to ask Rob to do us a solid and tell that one.
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