Monday, March 31

Top 5 things that happened at work last night:

1. The package that was taped up with tape labeled, "Otto - The Standard of Excellence."
2. The package from Loblaw Companies. I really hope the ceo of the company us named Bob. (turns out Loblaw Companies operates under the banner Real Canadian Superstore.)
3. Yelling "Come on!" after seeing the Loblaw Companies box.
4. Having the guy who works beside me on the sorting line look at me funny, then saying, "Check out banner Micheal."
5. Work ended and I went to bed.

That's amazing.

Yeah, Loblaws is like the Save-On-Foods of Ontario. Everytime I went there I felt giddy.

Also, I have a t-shirt that doesn't fit me that someone here might want.
It's red and has a "Hello, my name is..." with "Bob Loblaw" written on it. It's brand new! Whoever fits it can have it! Really!
can i have the shirt? i like free things... and i like red things..
...and sold!

Yes you may. Although I have no idea where you are. Where are you? I mean that strictly in a business-related way.
she's in abby ... still goes to summit ... moving here (kelowna) in may ... i'm sure she can answer for herself, but apparently i've taken initiative here ...hahahaha
i do not feel threatened in any way by having melissa answer for me... yes i live at summit.. but that is almost over.. FOREVER!
also the shirt fits. little big but but a lot awesome
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