Sunday, March 30

Top 5 Terrible Movies I Own

1. Masters of the Universe. Starring Dolph Lundgren. So, so, so, so, so terrible. the redeeming factor is found in the commentary when we discovered how serious the director took himself and this awful movie.
2. Batman: The Movie. This is the Adam West version. Terrible, but in a totally redeemable way (you need to watch the movie to understand.)
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. It came in the three pack with the other two. I wish it didn't, ninja turtles shouldn't time travel.
4. The Hebrew Hammer. I don't know why I bought this. I think Bryan said it was funny, or Blackwood. Possibly even Kang. It is such a painfully unfunny movie. Even Judy Greer can't redeem it.
5. Wrongfully Accused. I like Leslie Nielsen. I find him good for cheap laughs. I hate this movie. I thought I remembered liking it when I bought it for 5.99. I was deluding myself.

Batman is one of my favorite movies because of how terrible and redeemable it is. Ah, Adam West
Batman: The Movie is INCREDIBLE. That part where he's trying to get rid of the bomb -- hilarious.

But I hear you with TMNT 3. It was devastating.
I totally loved Masters of the Universe as a kid! So many hilariously bad parts! I could even tell as a kid that it was not a good movie...
"Sometimes you just can't get rid of a bomb."
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