Sunday, March 30

Top 5 Stop Fivers with Alternate Names (an official welcome for New Girl)

So, you've discovered that Josh and Otto are one and the same. Here's a little more to help you out.

1. Sunshine Girl - aka Slynn, SL, Sara-Lynn, Mrs Kang, (and, for today, BIRTHDAY GIRL!!)
2. rivers - aka Dan Kang (or simply Dan)
3. holly - aka HA, holl, PG girl
4. the Stewart - aka Kyle (...hmmmm....i thought there were more...)
5. meliss - aka Moey or Mo (Also, incidentally, Melissa)

Also noteworthy: Dan - aka Donkers (omitted since you know him), pseudotrend - aka Andrew, Blackwood, Vlackvood (omitted due to prolonged absence), Rob - aka Robert Conci, i.i.r. p.c.wg. (omitted because it seemed self explanatory) and Bryan - aka Bry, Madd Mardigan, Dubien, the originator of Stop Five Records! (omitted simply due to the 'Top 5' format - lack of space - oh! the irony!!)

Hope that helps New Girl!!

That's awesome!! It all makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification. Do you all know each other? How did you all meet?

It's all coming together. Muahahaha. Pretty soon I'll know where you all live. And sleep. And eat. And work. And... okay I'll stop. I think I'm about to blow my cover as a professional stalker.
Pretty much all of us met at summit/western. Rob and I used to live together, Dan and Rob used to live together, Dan and I lived together, Rob, Blackwood and Dubien lived together, Rob, Blackwood and myself lived together, Dan, Blackwood and Dubien lived together, Donkers and Kang lived together, Donkers, Kang and Myself did a Northern tour with WPBC years ago, Moey and Holly lived together, I don't think slynn lived with anyone from stopfive, but she married Kang. Kyle never lived with any of us, but we would have let him. At one point Rob, Donkers, Dubien, Blackwood, Holly (maybe moey?) and myself all lived in the Morisson apartments at summit.
I also kind of lived with Josh and Rob sometimes, but never enough days in the week to actually pay rent. Sometimes in the summer Bryan lived at my house on the weekend. Moey didn't technically live in the morisson, it just felt like it because she was there all the time. Over the years we've all become a somewhat transient family.
Quick addition to the nicknames, Bryan always wanted to be called the Hammer. It never stuck. I think the reasoning behind it not sticking is that if people could give themselves nicknames, everyone would be called the Duke. Actually, I think that was Blackwoods joke, and I never really got it.
aw, those are the greatest descriptions ever! i love it! and i miss you all...
Kang and I never lived together for the record. It only seemed that way because I hung out in his dorm room all the time. Also he lived for a year in Korea, where I am from.
Donkers and I lived together for one night at Chelsea Redlick's house. We stayed in a room with two single beds; but we thought having two singles was an awful waste of space, so we shared one single.

we never lived together after that evening. In fact you will rarely see us in the same room together!
Ah yes, apparently I had blocked that memory. Thanks Dan. Thanks.
i shared a bathroom with slynn.. does that count as living together? it was a year filled with terror from The beast.
Hahaha... wow that's a lot of information...
Much obliged.
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