Thursday, March 27

Top 5 Rules for Love: Fairytale Princess Edition (Inspired by Enchanted)

1. It's all about true love's kiss. That's really how you know...
2. It's okay to make a habit of falling off of things - as long as someone is there to catch you (that's the role of your prince, in case you were wondering).
3. Your prince will ALWAYS come to the rescue - even when everyone else doubts he will.
4. You only need to use wishes to actually find your true love. Once you've found him, wishes are irrelevant.
5. *With a bullet* None of this talking and thinking and learning about each other in relationships matters. What really matters is how it is communicated in a song! We should just scrap talking altogether and rely solely on the lyrical word to express ourselves. Bursting into spontaneous song makes everyone happy! Our world would be a much better place. (And I'm not kidding on this one... Melissa can back me up).

Honorable mention: You CAN live happily ever after! And if you ever hear of anyone who hasn't, it is definitely a cause for much tears and sadness.

So true! That movie was actually the inspiration for my list, but I went with a more general theme. You're a sage on all things princess related Slynn. PS. No wonder 3 songs from that movie got nominated for an Oscar - fantastic music!
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PS. I deleted that comment because I posted twice. Oops!
Aww, you're so right. It' all about making music together. Spontaneously, and in lyric form! You would just know right away, and avoid all kinds of wasted time. Wow.
oh my if it all came down to song i would die alone... this is no good.
Hehe Allie. You're cute! Don't worry - if you don't want to sing, there are always others around who can fill in for you just for that special moment. Remember Moulin Rouge? The moon took over just in time for the lovely couple to kiss. Perfect!
As for me, I am currently taking vocal lessons to improve my chances of moments like this. It's fun. I would definitely recommend it.
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