Saturday, March 22

Top 5 Rules: The Fairytale Princess Edition

1. Rule #13: Never ever accept an apple of any kind from an old hag!
2. Rule #43: When you jump out of a window, try to fall gracefully in a sitting position. This makes it easier for the prince to catch you.
3. Rule #26: Your man is never dead. If you think your man is dead, don't go ahead and marry the first obnoxious suitor that comes along. Your love will return for you.
4. Rule #33: If you can't work the sewing machine, you have no business getting married.
5. Rule #67: Always have a way of contacting your fairy Godmother. They are priceless commodities in times of trouble.

I've broken anywhere from 32 to 7 of those rules. Not cool.
Is this, like, the same as Fairytale Theater? Because that is definitely where I learned all my tricks on how to catch a quality guy...

as well as how to make a horribly awful movie.
Hokay. Here goes.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Should Be A Stop Five Writer:

1) I've been following stop five since its humble beginnings. Thanks to Andrew MacGregor for the introduction of what has been a very special journey as a stop five reader.
2) I'm pretty sure I haven't broken any of the top five princess rules. (Well, there was this time with some shrooms... involving a less than orthodox exit through a window that one wouldn't quite define as "graceful," but no one saw, sooo...)
3) Dan is on my hockey team, and we friggin kick derriere.
4) Kyle Stewart once told me I had the Stop Five "Gift."
5) I have red hair.
Hmm.. red heair, hey? That sure is something we are lacking here on the Stop Five crew. Who knows what lists of endless possibility lie in the head of one with red hair?
I csn vouch for her hockey skills and all around niceness.
Thanks Dan! Who decides, anyway?
Number 33 is the most important, I think.
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