Sunday, March 30

Top 5 People Affiliated With Stop Five

1. Geoff: He also went to summit. Funny, funny man. he is getting married and is an infrequent poster here at the stop five offices.
2. Jenn: Nobody really knows who she is, but we do know she was with child and assume she had said child. She was once a stopfive stalker whom we converted to a stopfive poster.
3. Allie: She doesn't post here anymore, but she is still part of the stopfive family. She still goes to summit.
4. Ben Kweller: He takes time from his music career to infrequently post here. Actually, he is a pretty good friend to all of us here at stopfive records, and he is also a student currently serving at Summit.
5. Mazda3Man and Tim Stevens: I have no clue who either of these guys are, but they are listed as posters on our fair blog. I think both are friends of Bryan. Wait, I think I was in a fantasy baseball league with Tim. I totally kicked his butt.

Anyways, I'm off to work now. Stupid graveyards. (Yes, that's right, I work in a graveyard.)

Infrequent indeed...I think I'm off the posting?? Maybe I should come back??
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