Friday, March 14

Top 5 DVD's I've Watched This Week

1. V for Vendetta - Rented for a work party, but not watched that night.
2. The Big Lebowski - Bought for 10 bucks! So awesome!
3. No Country for Old Men - Bought it the day it came out!
4. Into The Wild - Bought it the day it came out!
5. =with a bullet= The Virgin Suicides - Bought for 6.99!!!! Man I forgot how good this Coppola movie is!!!!!!

Honorable Mention: Ghostbusters - Man have you seen this movie lately? It is HILARIOUS!

oh, how i love Sofia Coppola!

i love each of those movies you listed. sigh.
I just BOUGHT Ghostbusters -- for 6.99!!!
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