Tuesday, March 18

Top 5 DVD's Dan Kang Can't Wait to Watch this Week

1. What a Girl Wants - That Amanda Bynes can sure spin a tall tale. This is also in preparation for Dan's trip to Great Britain
2. Ghost Dog - We all remember how awesome that movie was. For Dan, it's more than a memory. It's an itch that must be scratched.
3. National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Quite possibly his favourite movie of all time. He tells me it's "10 times better and more accurate than the original." I keep trying to convince him that this is a work of fiction. He's not convinced. I also keep trying to convince him that Canadian citizens cannot become president of the United States (thus gaining access to the book of secrets). He's not convinced.
4. Grandmother Martha - Dan has a lot of time this week, and this one runs 24 hours and 12 minutes.
5. The Teletubbies Take Toontown - I'm convinced Dan just made it up, but he keeps telling me "it's awesome - a mystical magic train that rolls through all the stations of your mind." Seriously, every time I ask about it that's exactly what he says.

That is a sweet queue. I had no idea how artsy Dan really was.
Funny what you can learn about people on the internet.
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