Sunday, March 30

Top 5 Animated Movies I Own

1. The Pro Stars. Okay, not really a movie, but rather 3 cartoon episodes of an 80's cartoon starring Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson (of "Bo knows baseball" fame) and Wayne Gretzky. Bought because I remember loving the show as a kid and it was 5 bucks at Walmart. It is a terrible show.
2. Transformers: The Movie. Technically this is blackwoods, but seeing as he is never around to return it to, I am adopting it and giving it a good home until Andrew reclaims it. I still get teary eyed when Optimus dies.
3. The Simpsons Movie. This movie was the culmination of everything I found funny in the 90's. Well layered movie.
4. Ratatouille. Meh. Didn't really care for it. It was on for cheap though, so no loss.
5. Jonah, a veggie tales movie. It was okay. Bought becaus i thought I needed to own a christian movie to feel less like a heathen at Bible College.

My favourite part of the Simpsons movie was the "To Be Continued...Immediately."
That was a very Monty Pyhton-esque moment in the film.
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