Friday, December 7

Top 5 things I always figured that Holly should know about not scaring/pushing away a guy

Since nobody else seems interested at the moment HA, here's my list.

1. Don't actually push him. Especially if he takes you to some kind of lookout where there's a cliff involved. Could end badly for everyone.

2. Maybe tone down the tribal chanting. Just a little.

3. Less mullet.

4. Less Prince George sleeveless plaid lumberjack coats (unless he's into that kind of thing).

5. Maybe you should think about trading in your '85 transam for something cuter, like a new Volkswagen beetle.

Honorable Mention (for serious): Remember that you're worth his time and attention. Because you really are!

Thanks Dan, especially for the sleeveless lumberjack thing. It's been confusing and dissapointing the lesbians anyways.
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