Friday, December 7

Top 5 events in the Life of my Friend "The Rocket" Within the Last Year

He's been pretty busy. Most of you don't know him, except maybe Rob. Anyways, you can check out his blog at He's a genius.

Here's the list, as written by the Rocket:

1. Removal of employment from Canadian tire. I attempted to supercharge an outdoor heater by attaching it to a bevy of car batteries. No one was hurt, but my last 4 paychecks were returned to the establishment for damages.
2. Which caused the sale of my car. My 87 ford tempo is no longer part of the Rocket family.
3. A tumultuous internet relationship. She was from Montana. She liked riding horses and chatting to hot, intelligent guys such as myself. I lost interest. Seriously, I did. Don't believe the "Rocket travelled to Montana and totally got stood up" rumours. Not true.
4. A host of new "Rocket Rules" which will be posted on this site in due time. The book is coming along nicely, as is the plan. The book, of course, is part of the plan. Every successologist has a book.
5. The naming of my career and area of study: "Successology"

I've never heard a successologist use the term "bevy" when referring to a gaggle of car batteries before. I'm glad to see The Rocket's Success Manifesto is on track, as this is the exact week, if I remember correctly, by which The Rocket's plan stated he should be re-coining terms out of context and in his own image. Viva Success!
I have no idea who he is, but he IS awesome.
Good post.
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