Thursday, December 13

Top 5 Albums of 2007

Okay Dan, I'll keep it 2007 this time. I know it's my fault things got all out of hand. Then I had to reveal your actual top 5 albums and things got ugly. I don't want to have to do that this year. Also, I rarely buy new music, hence the whole issue last year.

1. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
This was a return to Wilco for me, as I had missed out on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and for the most part, A Ghost is Born (although "Theologians" is my new theme song). This album is mellow to be sure, but exquisitely arranged. The songs are thoughtful and well written. It's got a really bluesy feel to it in parts. And the drummer's a genius.

2. Feist - The Reminder
Her voice is as sharp and brilliant as ever. I haven't done this album justice yet, but I should. I'm actually slapping myself in the face right now for not having listened to it all the way through. Ow.

3. Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller
Perhaps the most aptly named self titled disc ever, since he did all the music and vocals. Everything. It was an excellent summer album, and it grew on me quite a bit.

4. Tucker Green - The Demos
Okay, so yes he's my brother. But he makes really good music. So much so that I'm legitimately putting this on my list. It's just 6 songs, but yeah, really good.

5. Sigur Ros - Hvarf-Heim
Okay, so I haven't even listened to this one at all yet (except samples on ITunes) but I think it will be fantastic. It was between this one and The Boss. Both albums I intend to listen to soon.

Hvarf-Heim is wonderful.
Mesmerizing. And beautiful.
Best cd of the year.
And I can't wait to see the dvd...
Aye. Third that.

I third that, I mean.
okay! I do like Hvar-Heim. But half of the songs are on other albums.


though it is good, because it's not technically "new" material, it does sound a little dated to me.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, and i love the entire concept for Hvarf-Heim, and for their dvd Heima, which i am sure i will love.

But i just don't think it's their greatest album as a whole.

but it's still a decent choice for your list.
oh, and donkers,

ben kweller - ben kweller

is a 2006 release. sorry pal,

you've only got a top 4! oh, and you're also fired.
no...Hvarf-Heim is not entirely new material. but the second cd (I can't remember which goes by which name) is recorded live and the first cd, though it includes many "older" songs, is arranged in a way that leaves you speechless with the pure beauty of the sound.
it may not be their greatest album as a whole, but it definitely fits the criteria for top album of the year.
that's all.
hehe...i'm a punk
i love you babe
Fight! Fight! Fight!

(Accepting bets as of 12:00am EST.)
You've got to be kidding me!! I didn't even mean it this time. Alright, I'm taking recommendations for my number 5. Let the great experiment begin!
Since I know your impeccable taste in music. I'm gonna say your number 5 =with a bullet= is, Soulja Boy Tell Em!

Dan, i know you lock the door to your office during your lunch break, and do the soulja boy dance. I KNOW YOU DO!
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