Tuesday, September 25

Top5 New Staff Positions Up For Consideration

5. Jenn: Official link to the outside world/Travel writer
4. Slynn: Official Morale Officer, Creativity Intern, and Resident Antarctic Flightless Bird Expert
3. Rivers: In-house Chaplain and Worldwide Musical Talent Scout, usually at the same time
2. Josh Otto: Keepin' it real guy (and our Stop Five candidate for Prime Minister of Canada '22)
1. Me, Robert Conci: Italian in residence, politically connected Wiseguy

Feel free to offer ammendations or corrections.

i think I should be the "deep house dish" enthusiast as well.
i like it.

Sara-Lynn, O.M.O. C.I., R.Af.Be
Personnel Coordinator and Morale Officer could be roled into one position. And I hadn't remembered you actually posted because your last one was in April. My bad.
what are you talking about rob?

and anyway, i don't think you should be prejudice against infrequent posters, since we all fall under that category (except the stewart, who has been consistent)

i don't need an official title. i'm strong and confident and will get my validation elsewhere....
why were those comments deleted? i read them already...they weren't bad.
That's someone's job: Random Comment Deletion-ator.
What is a deep house dish? Is it something I should be enthused about?
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