Friday, September 21

Top 5 Things that Went Wrong Today

Tara and I went in to get our passports today. We don't have them yet. We're going to try again this afternoon. Here's how the morning went.

1. 6:45 am - Dan realizes he left his birth certificate in his office in Abbotsford. Dan and Tara are in Langley at the time. Change of itinerary: Abbotsford, then Surrey.

2. 8:25 am - Dan decides to take a shortcut through Port Kells, assuming that the freeway will be too busy. Port Kells is busier and full of construction. The freeway is fine.

3. 8:55 am - Dan attempts to go into the underground garage at the passport office, ignoring the visible "Lot Full" signs. Failure.

4. 9:50 am - After waiting in line for almost an hour, Tara realizes she forgot her drivers license. The duo decide to press on, feeling that they haven't much left to lose at this point.

5. 10:15 am - Dan and Tara arrive at the window to be given a number. There they are told that the damaged passport forms they filled out are illegitimate, since they have not been notarized. Shoulders hunched in despair, they leave the passport office empty handed, vowing to return again.

That's hilarious (I'm laughing with you guys, really).

Let's just hope your wedding goes a bit smoother...
That's a sad story.
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