Saturday, September 15

Top 5 Things I got away with due to being sick today

1. Sleeping in until 11:00am (after going to bed before midnight)
2. Staying in my pajamas until 4:00pm
3. Making my husband go to the store to get me honey nut cheerios because I was craving them (note: so that you do not see me as a slave master, he actually volunteered to do this upon seeing how gravely ill I was feeling)
4. Eating chocolate peanut butter reese's pieces (not the best plan when you have the flu)
5. Watching good ol' Disney movies like Aladin, one of the best movies of all time.

Sometimes sick days are the greatest!

You make sick wonderful!
aladdin? one of the best movies of all time? i rank dream catcher and ghost ship higher than alladin!

i guess that means alladin is number 3 on my list?

oh ho ho, i am so funny.
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