Thursday, September 20

Top 5 Songs That Get Stuck in My Head (and I'm not sure I want the unstuck)

1. Rhianna - Under My Umbrella (ella ella hey hey)
2. Justin Timberlake - My Love (I always want to dance when I hear this song, and public...people might think I am a crazy person)
3. Kanye West featuring Chris Martin - Homecoming (This song might be super cheesy, I haven't decided yet. All I know is that it is catchy.)
4. Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Nice and acousticy)
5. Kanye West - Stronger (I love Daft Punk and I love how they are used here)
In case anyone is wondering, yes I am a pop music whore, and I am okay with that. I'll leave the music snobbery to Rob and Kang...and well everyone else on is your music snobbishness that keeps me grounded, otherwise I would be running the streets wearing tight leather pants and singing like I just had a throat operation. No one wants to see the leather. No one.

I appreciate your candor Josh, but I still have to say that whole 'ella ella hey hey' thing is probably the worst thing to happen to music since the Macarena.
I gotta tell you, while I never would have taken you for an "indie snob", I definitely never took you for a pop whore either.

Then again, few would take me for a John Denver slut, so...
i hate that umbrella song, yet i found myself turning it up and singing along loudly driving to sarsons beach many times this summer with allie. so it's associated with a great memory. but, what an annoying song!
Your entire list, is soooooooo post partridge family, pre-LA Law, you know a Susan Day kind of thing....
Get with it Otto!!!!

and! I am not an Indie Snob.
The fact that you quote High Fidelity automatically qualifies you for some degree of music snobbery.
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