Wednesday, September 19

Top 5 Skills I am Working to Improve

1. My reading skills - this is partially in part to help with #2. though i do enjoy reading for the sake of reading
2. My writing skills - this is a career aspiration in a sense. well, it is a task that i have been assigned for my current job. and learning to write better doesn't hurt. just don't expect to see those smashing writing skills on this blog.
3. My singing skills - i like singing. but i don't think i'm very good. so i'm taking lessons from a professional opera singer at the moment.
4. My Korean skills - this being mainly language and cooking, though i'm open to learning other Korean skills, whatever they might be...
5. My creative skills - i don't have a plan for this one yet. i just think that this is a skill i could use some work on.

Aren't 1-4 creative skills? Or do you mean like magic?
no, i mean like my own brain creativity. being able to come up with things myself and not just recreate what others have done. does that make sense?
Like inventions? And maybe general brilliant ideas that save the day, or at least make someone's life easier?
I think you should work on your magic skills.
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