Saturday, September 15

Top 5 Significant Moments in the lives of the writers of this blog in the past year

1. Pseudotrend goes missing - and then appears again completely out of the blue. I'd still like to know where he was and what sort of exciting adventures he faced...
2. Bryan finds himself a wife and gets married...just like that.
3. Donkers finds himself a wife - marriage soon to come.
4. Moey and Slynn become employees of Disney.
5. Dan, for the first time in his life, quits his job

*Disclaimer* I know I'm not including everything here, but these are the first thoughts that come to mind. How about tell me your Top 5 Significant Moments of the past year?

Wow. I couldn't even make the top 5. What's wrong with me? I should get crackin'.
Clearly, Rob, there are more than 5 writers for this blog...these were just my first thoughts.
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