Monday, September 17

Top 5 Significant Events of the Last Year

1. Ummm . . . FIANCEE!!!
2. A trip to Ontario that included hanging out with Bryan and Kyle, and my cousin's wedding.
3. Moving out of Mom and Dad's house.
4. Drumming on a live recording.
5. Seeing the Queen Charlotte Islands for the first time.

Honorable Mention: Lots of good preaching opportunities - I quite enjoy that.
Living with Rob, and then Josh - That was great.

So Slynn I'm quite impressed with your dedication to Stopfive, and your motivation of our team members. I'd like to nominate you for the position of official Stopfive Personnel Coordinator. You could join the Stopfive staff, which as far as I know consists of:

Bryan Dubien: Creator and administrator
Kyle Stewart: Stop Five Creative Organization Kid
Andrew Blackwood: Professor Emeritus of Blogging (And Grizzly man)
Dan Donkers: Stopfive Critic and Historian
Holly-Anne Dalrymple: First official girl

There may be some that I've forgotten. If so, please feel free to remind me. As the historian, it would be nice to have a definitive list. And all members feel free to vote on Slynn's nomination.

i'll second that
Nice. All in favour?
I third that motion and make a motion that the motion be carried. Also I nominate Dan to be kicked in the ass for either forgetting or not being able to create a position on the staff for me. For shame.
and me as mate? Oh and I second, third or fourth any motion made by anyone.
For serious guys, I didn't make these positions up. They've been around forever. But we could come up with some for you. It'll take some time though.
I'll take it! do i do?
Man I gotta get on this creative organization thing! I'm such a slacker.
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