Saturday, September 15

Top 5 Reasons why and how this blog needs to be resurrected

1. Stop Five Records is pretty much the coolest blog ever created. We all know this, so we need to claim back our pride in the awesomeness of this blog.
2. Videos and pictures are cool enough on their own, but they diminish the purpose of this blog. This blog was created to express the creativity and wit of the people involved. Researching the internet for funny videos/pictures does not express this creativity. I say, "down with the videos!" Or at least let's start a separate blog for them.
3. Everyone needs to start contributing to this blog again. Currently, it is lacking the flavor of our different personalities. Also, our friendship is intrinsically tied to this blog. We're all spread out now, but we have a common link through this blog. Let's not let it die.
4. Maybe we need to have another Stop-Five-Marathon to get the ball rolling again. Or maybe we just need to all get off our Facebook buts and redirect that energy to this blog instead.
5. I might be just having a sentimental day because I'm feeling sick and bored, but I do miss the great Stop Five days of the past. And I know I'm not as witty and funny as most of you (which may be partially why I stopped writing very often), but this blog inspires me and brightens my day. I mean, look back a year ago even and see if the entries don't bring a smile to your face. Even Pseudotrend was a part of things back then. A lot has changed in this year, but that's no excuse as to why this blog should not continue to be a daily source of entertainment, wit, connection and just plain fun. So there you have it - my pep talk of the day. I look forward to hearing your responses...maybe even in the form of a Top Five list...

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