Wednesday, September 19

Top 5 Moments in Rob Conci's Life

1. A great childhood growing up in the Keaton family. Although he didn't always agree with his liberal parents (being a card carrying young republican), he always knew they loved and supported him. He had great times with his sisters Mallory and Jennifer, and his youngest brother Andrew.

2. When he hit puberty and found that instead of turning into a teenager, he was turning into a werewolf! Now this made him a good basketball player and a popular guy at school, but he had to find a way to get back to normal. Did he? Only Rob knows.

3. When his good friend Doc Brown invited him out to Twin Pines mall to see his new invention. When terrorists attacked the doctor, Rob hopped in the invention (a time machine) and went back in time to 1955. There he met a young version of his mother, who accidentally fell in love with him. He had quite the harrowing experience trying to get her and his father back together, but he eventually succeeded. He managed to do so in a way that gave his father more confidence and helped him overcome the bullying Biff Tannen.

4 When he got home from the above adventure, and was met by the Doc in a now flying version of the above mentioned time machine. He warned Rob that his and his girlfriend Jennifer's children were in danger. They hopped in the time machine and went off to the future. Now, while there, Rob stole a sports almanac from 2000 AD. Unfortunately future Biff found the almanac and the time machine, and went back to 1955 to give it to past Biff. Chaos ensued, as Biff managed to Ravage the town of Hill Valley. Rob then had to go back in time and steal the Almanac from past Biff in order to restore the proper historical timeline to the town. At the end of this crazy escapade however, his friend Doc Brown got sent back to 1885!

5. When he went back to 1885 to rescue Doc Brown, who was actually quite enjoying life back in those days. The Doc had met a girl. But Rob found out that the notorious outlaw Buford Tannen was going to kill the Doc. Unfortunately Rob got stuck in 1885 because he ran out of gas (what a clown!). Rob and the Doc managed to rig together a railroad version of the time machine and also defeat Buford. Rob went back to 1985, and the Doc stayed in 1885 to marry the girl. But eventually they would meet again, as the Doc managed to have a family and create a hovertrain that could travel in time. Fantastic!

Thanks Dan!
I hate my life. Rob's is way better.
I DO like to travel. When has never mattered to me.
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