Monday, September 17

Top 5 First Items to do as official Stopfive Personnel Coordinator

1. Make a list of current Stopfive staff descriptions (thank you Dan, task #1 completed!)
2. Motivate other members to start posting again (hey, i just got myself a job. ...but does this mean i'll be out of a job if the posting stops???)
3. Be a person that coordinates other persons (i learned THAT from
4. Form a pleasing combination between Stopfive members - to link together, if you will. This one i like!
5. To see that work goes harmoniously. This one may be difficult at times, but I'll do my best.

Good List
I noticed that you categorized the Stopfive staff description item task as completed. I mean, c'mon, do you even read the feedback comments? Here are the highlights: Josh and I are NOT listed on the staff, and more importantly, I'M not listed. Maybe you should get on that before you go around all willy-nilly, ticking items off as completed when they're not.
wow Rob, pulling out the 'tude!
but did you see the word "current" in that list that i made? as in the staff job descriptions that "currently" exist. not an all inclusive list by any means. once there are more jobs, i'll make a new list. but for now, it's complete.
haha you said 'tude!! hahaha

i'm so glad stop five is revived!


Okay, good rebuking. So I need to make up a job for myself, eh? Stay tuned...
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