Thursday, September 27

Top 5 Bands I have been Listening to Lately (Multra Indie Snob Version)

For those of you who are unaware (Dan), Multra is simply the combination of the words "mega" and "ultra".

1. Sweet Wine and Sad Sacks - This is one of those fabled "comic strip" bands. They're really hard to find, which is probably why Dan didn't put them on his list. They sing about the Sunday comics in the paper. They literally get together on Sunday and read the paper, then write songs about it through the week.

2. Multradeath - This is basically a Megadeath tribute band, but with a sort of New Age bent to their interpretations. They also do this really nice cover of "Fields of Gold" by Sting.

3. Take me home Sweet Potato - Zydeko/bluegrass duo. Two people. The one guy plays the banjo and gutbucket. The other sings and plays zarmonica, which is kind of a harmonica-accordian cross breed. They have this one song where it's just them talking and a dog howling in the background. Fantastic. I can't believe you haven't found this one Dan.

4. Our Name is an Animal - Their album title: "The animal for which our band is named is quite possibly a threat to your habitat"

5. Hammer and Sickle - This band has only ever played one song to my knowledge. I just find these bands that have "albums," and "song catalogues" to be a little overbearing.

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