Monday, September 17

Dan Kang's Top 5 "To Do" List upon Finishing at Evangel

1. Down home chili cookoff. Nothin but an open fire and some badass chefs in a showdown for chili supremacy. Dan anticipates his secret ingredient will win the day (It's binch cookies. Oh crap, I gave it away).
2. Take Sara-Lynn on a nice date. Now, I've tried to convince him that renting "Ghost Dog" and ordering KFC isn't a "nice date", but Dan knows what he's doing. He has been married much longer than me (Since I have 1 month and 23 days before I start).
3. Finally write that book: "30 Days to better Praise!"
4. Travel to Holland and get in touch with his roots (Wow that's an old and probably too obscure joke).
5. Fall in love with his favourite band, Fall Out Boy, all over again.

too obscure? give us some credit, dan!
There is nothing wrong with Fall Out Boy
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