Sunday, June 10

Top 5 Stupid Things that happened this morning (and were rectified by 1 pm)

1. Could not find an aircanada flight to Campbell river at the correct time. Rectification: I'm on a Westjet flight - we all sigh for Holly's relief.
2. I scurried out to the car (late due to the flight thing) and find that I'm blocked in by step-dad's pickup.
3. Walk to church (this is #2 rectification, but also a stupid thing because I was 1 hour late for church) Went to Tim Hortons to rectify this one
4. Lost favorite sweatshirt unknowingly in Tim Hortons parking lot. Rectified once I realized in church and then borrowed mom's van to go get it. Found it nice and flat with tidy tire prints all over it. Ugh.
5. Made bacon for BLT. Then realized that the tomatos were moldy and overcooked the bacon while searching for bread. Then I realized that bacon is always good on its own even if its burnt.

The little things always happen at the end of the semester. Nice that I've met my quota for the day though.

Boy, you sure lead a charmed life.
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