Thursday, February 15

Top 5 Useful Inventions (That Should Exist)

1. Some kind of toaster that cooks steak. I would like to be able to put a steak in a toaster, push down the lever, and have it pop up with a perfectly cooked medium rare top sirloin.
2. A hug robot. Already discussed in a previous post. I just think it would help really lonely people.
3. A surfing lawnmower. It's like a segway and a riding lawnmower combined. You just stand on it, and make it move by shifting your weight.
4. A self playing guitar. Everyone could sound like a rockstar. Just program a song and strum it and look cool.
5. A self making bed. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

the surfing lawnmower... lots of fun until you fall and the lawnmower runs over you and consequently a blood bath ensues.
a hug robot? seriously? you think that SHOULD exist? i can get behind your other ideas, but (shudder) not the hug robot. no one would be safe in a world where hug robots exist. I, for example, would be forced to stay inside my home with a huge magnet or other weapon to shut down the robots, sitting in wait and fear.
I don't know, perhaps a hug robot is exactly what you need to change your mind about the robot world?
the segway lawnmower couldn't run over you because it stops moving when you get/fall off. genius.
the thing with machines is they wear down, break and malfunction... the hug robot would follow moey around trying to crush the life out of her. the surfing mower would twist dan kangs fingers into a mess even ben dejong couldn't take credit for.

as for the steak toaster, i use my toaster oven for that, although i don't think your supposed too.
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