Saturday, February 3

Top 5 Scoring Plays in the Super Bowl

1. 1st quarter, 14:51, 1st and 10, Chicago ball on own 18: Rex Grossman, interception to Nick Harper, 23 yard interception return for TD.

2. 2nd quarter, 0:53, 2nd and goal, Chicago ball on Indy 2: Rex Grossman fumbles a hand-off to Thomas, and a blitzing Dwight Freeney scoops it up. 98 yard fumble return for TD.

3. 2nd quarter, 0:38, 1st and 10, Chicago ball on own 8: Rex Grossman bobbles the snap, tries to scramble, and Freeney (who is blitzing all day long) sacks him for a safety.

4. 4th quarter, 9:31, 3rd and inches, Chicago ball on Indy 33: Rex Grossman fumbles the ball on the QB sneak, and Cato June snatches up the bouncing ball for a 67 yard fumble return for a TD.

5. 4th quarter, 2:21, 2nd and 6, Chicago ball on own 47: Rex Grossman throws a pick to Peyton Manning, who is now playing defence because Indy's D is too tired from all the long TD runs. Manning runs it in for a 47 yard interception return.

Final score: Indy 30, Chicago 0. Chicago's D might have won it for them, but they could never get on the field. In fact, they had Urlacher playing wideout so that he could defend against the pick. He got 4 tackles that way.

"We are the champions, my friend,
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end"

Super what?

(Just kidding.)

(Or am I?!)
I hate superbowl. Bah-Humbug.
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