Monday, February 12

Top 5 Possible Reasons for the Lack of Recent Posts

1. You are currently writing your literature masterpiece, tentatively titled, “Animals Are People Too: Inspiring Stories of Pets Who Eat Human Food, Wear Clothes, and Hump Legs”.
2. You had one too many wild nights with a Mexican belly dancer, and are perpetually recovering from a bad case of Tequilaiosis.
3. You have a strong aversion to negative comments from insensitive bastards. Er, people.
4. You suffered a serious mishap with a paper shredder and your pajama bottoms, resulting in long-term hospitalization (and several attempts at reconstructive surgery).
5. You all have lives. And I don’t.

What is with all the terrible formats for this site? I like the original.
hey i'm an insensitive bastard... err i mean person too!
I agree with Donkers.
Kyle, did you receive my email of January 8? I though mayhaps it had been scooped up by the junkmail filter or some such.
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