Thursday, February 22

Top 5 Divine Interventions

1. The breakup of Wham!
2. The reunion of Sting and the Police
3. Rockstar INXS
4. The breakup of Creed
5. The reunion of Rage Against the Machine

lol... i find it funny that God would intervene to get rage back together with lyrics like "I walk God like Dog" and "Jesus was a rapist"... none the less... chris cornell's voice never really fit with the rage riff.
I find it funny that you use the phrase "lol." And by funny I mean irritating, and by phrase I mean, "oh my goodness what are you, a fifteen your old teeny bopper?"

Personal attacks. The only way to defend a position. Life motto. Seriously.
you sound like the typical christian, self righteous and hypocritical. No wonder rage thinks jesus is a rapist, cause all of his followers run around the world raping cultures, ideas and opinions different than their own.
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