Thursday, January 25

Top 5 Reasons I Didn't Post A "Top 5 Favourite Albums Of 2006"

1. I'm the movie friend
2. I actually didn't buy myself any music last year.
3. The music I did buy was for my sister for Christmas. They were Beck-The Information, and The Tragically Hip-World Container. Both great albums, but 2 isn't 5.
4. I haven't lived near any of you (though that will change very shortly), so don't even know what I should be listening to.
5. I don't like being told what to do.

Solid, infalible reasoning.

I personally loved the phrase "but 2 isn't 5". I decided that I'm going to use that in random arguments with people, when I disagree with them.

Them: "I believe there needs to be stricter gun control."
Me: "Maybe so, but 2 isn't 5. Think about it."
maybe so, but 2 isn't 5
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