Tuesday, January 16

Top 5 Personal Albums of 2006

1. Welcome to the Club - Kick Axe (aka Spectre General)
2. Primal - Damn Cheetah (aka NRG)
3. Call to Action - Stan Bush
4. Falling Off a Clef - Vince DiCola
5. Mane Attraction - White Lion (aka Lion)

"What it really matter
When nothing really counts
Grave eternal darkness
When drained of every ounce
And when the nightmare's over
The final from the storm
Dust of all creation
To ashes we transform"

"Instruments of destruction
Tools of powerplays
It's a violent eruption
Existence drips away"

Vlackvood, do you have a new phone number or something? Call me.
Dark, very dark. But awesome as usual.
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