Monday, January 15

Top 5 Personal Albums of 2006

1. Sam's Town - The Killers
2. United We Stand - Hillsong United
3. Takk - Sigur Ros
4. Stand Up - Dave Matthews Band
5. Road Mix #3 - ed. Dan Kang

Comments: sigur ros - takk from 2006? 'cause i specifically left it off my list just for that reason (though i do agree that it is one of my faves)
I think it came out in 2006, although I may be wrong. I definitely listened to it all through '06, so I put it on my list.
takk came out in 2005

Sara-Lynn saw them live in 2005, and used one of their songs for our wedding in 2005
That's it Kang. I'm tired of you and your "I remember when Takk came out. I understand time in a linear sense" attitude. I'm coming to Kelowna to beat you down.
Hey, what's all this talk of a wedding?
you're coming to kelowna????
party in kelowna in february!
anyone who's anyone will be there...
I'm someone....
Takk came out in 2005. You might as well put Illinois and Z on that list. Heck, why not pick The Joshua Tree? It's a great album!
Heck! I was so inspired after writing that last post that I stopped cleaning my room just long enough to post this blistering top 5 albums of 2006 list! It'll knock your socks off! Here goes!

1. Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion (No explanation needed here! \m/ ROCK ON! \m/ )
2. Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (It's even in the #2 slot! Could this list get any better?? Take a gander at #3 to find out!)
3. Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
4. SNL: The Best of TV Funhouse (Technically this is more of a cartoon than an album, but it makes me laugh so I'm putting it here)
5. Ace of Base - The Sign
snooty music nerd-o is the freaking greatest.

wow, brilliant!
That. Was. Amazing.

I peed myself a little. Just a little, but enough to count.
kyle you need to visit a laugh/bladder control therapist.
Haha. Good call.
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