Sunday, January 14

Top 5 Personal Albums of 2006

1. Mewithoutyou - Catch us for the foxes
2. Underoath - Define the Great Line
3. Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
4. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
5. Ok Go - Oh No

These were all new to me in 2006. Watch Ok Go's music video on treadmills. Also, Regina Spektor's she's not on a treadmill though.

Honorable mention: Dan Kang's special "Music that makes you feel like dying" mixed tape.

by the way, mewithoutyou - catch us for the foxes, isn't a 2006 album. Their 2006 album is, Brothers, Sisters. But i think i like Catch us for the foxes better.
whoooa, new layout hey?
So, Pink huh? Really?
Awwww it changed back. I was just warming up to do The Flamingo!

P.S. O Bryan! You gotta switch over to the new Blogger soon! It's pain free--really. And it's worth it.
Oh Dan, I know it wasn't. You music snob. If I wanted to be like Stewart I would. However, Brother Sister was not my 2006 pick. I was concerned more with what I liked in 2006 rather than the release date. Also, since pink is the new boring why was it changed back to the old boring?
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