Thursday, January 4

Top 5 Clothing items/styles that i want more of in my wardrobe

(Disclaimer: this blog is not very interesting - it is more of a list for me to think about my wardrobe)
1. cute hippy shirts
2. pants that are not jeans or cords
3. skirts that go mid-calf
4. red, red, red (the rich cherry kind of red)
5. more shirts with cute cuts and designs - enough of the same look over and over

What?! No dashikis?! They are so in this year.

Or at least they're going to be, once you start wearing some.

Go Slynn! Go Slynn! Go go go Slynn!

(Strange, that rhymes with "Go sin! Go sin! Go go go sin!"...)
no, but i do have a few pairs of gauchos...does that sort of count. i'm in right - i'm hip, i'm cool.

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