Friday, January 5

Top 5 Circumventions

"Ah, the old reach-around."

1. USA, 1944. In an attempt to limit casualties in its fight against Japan, The Americans go on an "island hopping" campaign. They circumvent larger islands in favour of smaller, less well defended islands.

2. Cuba, 1962. Nikita Kruschev, in a shrewd attempt to gain tactical and diplomatic advantage in the cold war, decides to install soviet nuclear missile silos in newly communist Cuba. Circumventing American intelligence and reconaissance, he almost suceeds. But the Americans finally discover the missile sites in the nick of time. Tension ensues.

3. Mexico City, 1986. "The Hand of God." Diego Maradona, at 51 minutes of the World Cup final, circmvents the rules of FIFA soccer tournaments by putting the ball in the goal with the outside of his left hand. The referee doesn't notice the infraction and calls it a goal.

4. Hungary, 1989. The Hungarian government removes its border restrictions with East Germany, allowing some 13 000 East Germans to circumvent the Berlin wall and escape to Austria.

5. Houston, 2001. Enron corporation's attempts to circumvent the law are finally discovered. Rumours of insider trading and personal siphoning by executives are confirmed, bringing down one of the largest companies in American history.

I've never tried to cirsumvrent the law, but if I did, I'd cirsumvrent it good.
Great post!

And I like that word...circumvent.

"Circumvent this, sucka!"
dan, your post is surprisingly intelligent!
You bastard! How dare you imply that Dan's intelligence is a surprise. In reality, his seeming intelligence is just a chameleon-like cloaking device designed for maximum girl attraction. (And yes, I know that's not what Chameleons cloak themselves for.) Shutup. All of you.
most east germans didn't really need to circumvent the berlin wall, since it was in berlin... not actually surrounding the whole of east germany.

cuba- actually they did get short range nuclear missles into cuba - luckly the americans didn't actually decide to invade. After the missle "tension", the short rangers where removed.
"Don't try to confuse me with the facts!"
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